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Théah is made up of a number of Nations, each with its own character and personality. The concept of “nation” is new to Théah, only emerging in the last century or so. National identity has also begun to spread among the people, making culture more than just an expression of the monarch’s tastes.


The days of the Théan week are Soldi, Veldi, Amordi, Terdi, Guerdi, Redi and Voltadi. Each day has twenty-four hours, and sixty-minute hours.

A Théan month is exactly thirty days. The fifteenth and thirtieth day are feasting days, celebrating the Creator’s work, wisdom and mercy. The twelve months are Primus, Secundus, Tertius, Quartus, Quintus, Sextus, Julius, Corantine, Septimus, Octavus, Nonus and Decimus.

The Théan year is broken down into four seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter), each three months long. At the end of the year, the Prophets’ Mass—a five- to six-day long celebration—fills out the remaining days.

Current Date: Soldi, 15 Septimus, 1668 AV ❖
The Sea’s Grace Festival


The Reformed Vaticine Church is one of the most powerful and influential organizations in Théah. Drawing power from the common people—and the nobles who support its beliefs—the Vaticine Church and its flock are a force to be reckoned with. Beginning with the first Prophet who spoke to the Old Republic so long ago, it has amassed its own army, developed a system of education, and instigated most of the world’s technological and philosophical advancements.

The Articles of FaithThe InquisitionObjectionism


triskelion.png The laws regarding dueling in Théah are complicated, but can be summed up as below:

  • Only a member of the Duelist’s Guild can challenge someone to a duel.
  • If you challenge someone to a duel and you are not a Duelist, local authorities will try to arrest you.
  • If someone challenges you to a duel and they are not a Duelist, you should report them to the authorities.

Members of the Duelist’s Guild make themselves available to nobles and other wealthy patrons who wish to satisfy their honor or settle a dispute. In many nations, it is considered vital to have a Duelist on staff, available to step forward in the event of a challenge.

Upon graduation from an academy, a duelist is inducted into the Duelist’s Guild and granted a small steel pin in the shape of a triskelion as a symbol of his membership. Duelists are expected to wear their pin somewhere on their person, but not always openly—a Duelist who wants to avoid attention may wear their pin on the underside of his lapel, where it can be shown to a would-be opponent with a simple motion.

Duelist Styles


Explorers__Society.png Founded in 1598, the Explorer’s Society has been the at the forefront of archæological research and discovery for almost nine years. It has unearthed sites of Syrneth cities, catalogued nearly five hundred individual artifacts, and maintained the largest library of maps in Théah. Members openly display their affiliation with the Society, wearing silver pins and rings that display the magnetic compass with pride.

Favor with the Explorers’ Society


“Just as wicked men will stop at nothing to do evil, so should just men stop at nothing to do right.”
— Rosenkreuz

Knights_of_the_Rose_and_Cross.png The Rose & Cross is one of Théah’s strangest secret societies…chiefly because it is not secret at all. In fact, so much folklore and legend have sprung up around this “secret society” that it is difficult to discern fact from fiction. The Knightly Order of the Rose & Cross is a “gentle’s society” devoted to meting out justice, righting wrongs, and protecting those who cannot protect themselves.

Favor with the Rose and Cross


Sophias_Daughters.png Sophia’s Daughters began as a conspiracy between two women, but it has since grown in both members and influence. They sponsor illicit reading circles, run a successful smuggling ring moving Sorte Strega out of Vodacce, and provide trained bodyguards to those sympathetic to their cause. There are now at least a dozen agents outside Vodacce’s borders, providing clandestine protection. In some cases, the clients aren’t even aware they are being protected.

Membership in Sophia’s Daughters is almost exclusively female. A small number of men have been brought in as trusted advisors, but not as full members.

Favor with Sophia’s Daughters


Die_Kreuzritter.png This guild, not officially part of any order or fraternity, had no name in the early days. It would one day be known as Die Kreuzritter, The Crusaders, but before that it was only known by its symbol, a white star on a black background. It was originally formed to protect Eisen from whatever horrors crawled out from the Wälder, but has since grown into an organization of monster-hunters. They work in secrecey, having been betrayed in the past by the Church who decried their hunt. But any member of Die Kreuzritter can tell you, monsters are real.

Favor with Die Kreuzritter


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