Favor with Sophia's Daughters

Sophias_Daughters.png Sophia’s Daughters primarily concern themselves with protecting and smuggling fate witches out of Vodacce and otherwise supporting female authority in other Nations.

A Hero who belongs to Sophia’s Daughters can earn Favor in the following ways:

  • Smuggling a Fate Witch out of Vodacce is worth 10 Favor. You must get the Sorte Strega out of Vodacce’s borders and to a safe haven.
  • Undermining a Merchant Prince’s plot is worth 6 Favor. If you can turn two Merchant Princes against one another, all the better…

A Hero who belongs to Sophia’s Daughters can call upon them for aid in the following ways:

  • Requesting aid from a Fate Witch costs 3 Favor. A Fate Witch of Sophia’s Daughters is typically Strength 6, but they also possess the Sorcery (Sorte) Advantage and roll 2 additional dice in any social Risks involving Vodacce courtly politics.
  • Naming someone as Sophia’s Friend 2 Favor. As Sophia’s Friend, an individual is given special protection and attention by the Daughters. They are immune from punitive actions, and agents are likely to aid them if they are in danger. If someone named as Sophia’s Friend actively betrays the interests or ideals of the Daughters, she loses her protection and you lose all Favor with the Daughters.


Favor with Sophia's Daughters

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