Timeo Bernoulli


Timeo is the second-youngest son of Gespucci Bernoulli, one of the seven Princes of Vodacce. He is everything they say a Bernoulli merchant should be: handsome, quick of wit, a shrewd negotiator, and a skilled swordsman. He stands to inherit nothing of the Bernoulli fortune, however, and seeks to strike out and make a name for himself as his own man while simultaneously serving his father’s interests. And he has yet to realize how difficult this balancing act may become.

Timeo, like his brothers, have been given his father’s leave to take up trade duties. Unlike his brothers, who are content to enrich their father’s coffers with trade from the Empire of the Crescent Moon, Timeo has been influenced by tales about the Explorers’ Society, and seeks to join them. He has searched high and low for ancient ruins of past civilizations to bring forward to the Society’s attention. Once he has done so, he feels certain he will be offered a place among their ranks.

To this end, Timeo has repurposed his ship, gathered a crew of adventurous souls, and sailed off to parts unknown. It is only a matter of time before Gespucci Bernoulli discovers his errant son’s activities and attempts to bring Timeo back to the fold.



Timeo Bernoulli

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