Léon Alexandre de Montaigne


The man, a master of narcissism, embodies all that is wrong with the nobility Montaignoise. He is opulent, extravagant, ever self-serving, egotistical and decadent. When not meeting with the Dukes of Montaigne or his Ministers and Councilors, he enjoys the constant parade of galas, endless parties and favored guests of the royal court in his Château du Soleil.

At parties, he loves meeting new people and always seeks capable individuals to delegate his problems to. He parades around as though he is a god among mortals. He rewards those who reinforce that feeling, those who bow the lowest and compliment him, those who worship and adore him. He also socially destroys those who do not propagate these ideas readily.

In serious settings, among his advisers and ministers for instance, he drops the polite niceties and playful banter. He becomes a sharp, calculating mastermind and orders any course of action that he thinks get results. If he is ever disappointed or insulted, he flies into a rage.



Léon Alexandre de Montaigne

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