Gespucci Bernoulli


Gespucci Bernoulli is a man of wealth and excesses. He is a ruthless leader who believes that a show of force is a necessary first action when threatened. He knows his position to be as precarious as it is powerful. A few burned fields, a port aflame or proof of a rogue Strega, and he would find himself a peasant as base as any other, should he even survive his fall from grace.

This combination of power and vulnerability makes Gespucci a dangerous man and explains why he is a law unto himself within the borders of his demesne. Any who crosses the Bernoulli borders find themselves in a different world, and had better be ready to crush his opponent, or be crushed himself.

The Prince controls a series of enclaves running along the eastern coast of the Vodacce peninsula. Protected from landward invasions by swamps, mountains and shallow coastal waterways, these cities and towns live and die by the sea, depending on it for food and trade and subject to its whims in all matters.

Currently, the cities of Pioro, Porto Spatia and Saint Andrea pledged themselves to Prince Bernoulli. He also claims the loyalty of the town of Orduño, whose odd name stems from nearby Lake Orduño, if you believe the Prince, or a lost bet with a Castillian admiral, if you believe the inhabitants.



Gespucci Bernoulli

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