Allegra Bernoulli


Allegra is the youngest daughter of Gespucci Bernoulli, one of the seven Princes of Vodacce. She is beautiful, dark, clever, and a Sorte Strega. In other words, she is a prize to many of the men in her land. She has her own motivations, however, and has managed to serve her father’s ambitions well enough to remain as of yet unmarried.

She sees her brother Carlo as a strong man who is more than capable of taking over the Bernoulli fortunes, and so far has convinced her father that Carlo’s causes are completely dedicated to the family’s endeavors. It is only a matter of time before Gespucci Bernoulli discovers the betrayals the daughter he dotes on has dealt the family in her ambitious brother’s name.

The only question in Allegra’s mind is whether her father would kill her outright, or marry her to a lesser man than her brother in order to sell a family alliance and tame her willful ways?



Allegra Bernoulli

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